U.I. has established a sound reputation as a robust, dynamic and forward-looking organization that has evolved to win in a highly competitive and constantly changing local and global arena.

U.I. supports and adds value to its investments by way of bringing unique opportunities, global relationships and specialized knowledge. We are committed to making a significant positive impact on the long-term value of each of our investee companies.

We pride ourselves in creating value by utilizing business models that focus on the customer, leveraging past operational experiences, and partnering with successful management teams. Our partnering strategy facilitates successful deal sourcing and investment implementation. By selecting partners with complementary skills and experiences to our own, our ability to create value for all the stakeholders in our investments is greatly enhanced. With our strategic vision, leadership, and unmatched capabilities, U.I. partnering principles ensure continuous success throughout the life-cycle of an investment or partnership, we do.

What Union Investments offers
Union Investments add value to prospective partners and our existing portfolio through:







There are specific domains in which we add value to our investee companies which includes the following:

• Our excellence in financial management, governance structures, strategic planning & management and networks;

• Our deep local and sector-specific knowledge specifically in the areas of real estate development, construction, facilities management, shipping, port management and retail enables us to better understand the opportunities and the challenges the management teams face in this sector and thus, allows us to quickly focus on what matters most for their company’s growth;

• We provide support in business development through targeted efforts, providing introductions to key decision makers within the industry and honing go-to-market positioning

• We facilitate our management teams through our presence on their boards via our Investment Directors, with access to extensive industry statistics, research insights and a broader strategy to expose them to the latest trends and best practices both locally and across the globe;

• We leverage our extensive network in the industry to provide a high-caliber pool of talent for the management teams;

• We help our companies in fund raising and subsequently in exits, leveraging our wide network of financial and strategic investors;