The world economy faces some immediate challenges, and people everywhere are rightly questioning what they must do to maintain control of their financial situation; at the same time, they want guidance and advice, looking past the immediate challenges to the longer term. They understand that the decisions they make today are the key to a more secure tomorrow. For those and other reasons, they are increasingly taking steps to reassess the organisations, institutions and partners that intersect with their lives; and especially whom to trust. At Union Investments, the role we play is unequivocal: There’s far more to being an investments house than simply offering a safe place to invest. We are here to help our stakeholders make sense of what it all means to successfully meet their expectations, and gain the benefit of our experience in providing maximum return-on-investment. By combining our extensive traditional investor experience with a modern, analytical approach, the benefits we offer to stakeholders are clearly tangible and fall into a number of different key areas which exemplify our approach, expertise and company ethos which underpin everything Union Investments both stands for and does.

UNDERSTANDING STAKEHOLDER NEEDS – Beginning with understanding what our stakeholders care most about. Union Investment’s role is not simply to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the aspirations of our investors. We are here to help make the best investment decisions – on their terms – by understanding what’s not in their interest and by pointing out solutions that fit their budget and long-term goals. We help our stakeholders invest wisely. We help their businesses grow, we help growing businesses become more competitive, and help competitive businesses find new market, and we help them all be more innovative.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE – One of our core competitive strengths is our market knowledge. Our long term investments have provided a deep understanding of the dynamics of the regional businesses and the market movers allowing Union Investments to leverage its investments into profitability. Our long term strategies allowed our investments to perform during cyclical changes of market conditions.

MARKET REACH & DIVERSITY – Union Investments has capitalized on its strong geographical positions in our home markets in the UAE and the strategic importance of these geographies as a power center for financial markets in the GCC and Middle East regions. The diversity of our investments allows us to take advantage of opportunities in prime growth sectors in the region. Having investments in real estate, logistics, manufacturing, and F&B sectors, we intend to continue our strategy of selectively pursuing opportunities and expanding our investments into key strategic markets poised for future growth while maintaining our leading market positions in the UAE and the Middle East. As a result of our tactful strategy for investments and successful track-record, Union Investments continues to achieve records earning and profits.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH – In addition, Union Investments financial strength has allowed it to take advantage of the competitive market, and to leverage that strength to provide the required investments to our existing platforms and venture into new opportunities that enhance the overall performance of our investments. We strive to maintain a strong balance sheet with ample liquidity. We will achieve this through our robust and committed expansion in growth sectors and exploring new investments opportunities in the region and by continuing to focus on cash generation by achieving higher utilization, and focusing on return on assets from all our operations and future investments.

INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE – Our commitment to our employees and our stakeholders is fundamental to Union Investments activities and to its ability to execute its vision in a sustainable way. The quality of our people supports the execution of our strategy and promotes a culture of excellence throughout the organization. Even in challenging markets, Union Investments continues to enhance employee’s welfare and offers opportunities for their growth. This helps us attract and retain the best people. We understand that remaining at the forefront of a world driven by competitiveness will happen only if we put people at the center. With the support of our, stakeholders and employees, Union Investments is committed to building a brighter future for all of us.

COMMITTMENT TO OUR VISION – As we head into the future, we know that we have helped our companies navigate a world of persistent change while managing some major changes of our own. We have stayed true to our objectives of giving companies knowledge and control by remembering that the values that define what we do, don’t change. And as we did, we stayed on our stated agenda. Today, the condition of Union Investments reflects strength, flexibility and a commitment to our strategic objectives.

And finally, we continue to raise profitability as a policy issue and a critical factor in the future success of our businesses. By investing strategically, our companies can continue to compete around the region and the globe without compromise – driving prosperity and growth into our bottom line.

Abdul M. Kunbargi, Chief Executive Officer.